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to download software.

Downloads for MTU and MTU-A

WinHost programming and monitoring software. For MTU and MTU-A.

SSMT 2000 MT/AMT data-processing software. For V8, MTU and MTU-A.

EMT utility software to support SSMT 2000, and for troubleshooting.

MTPlot software to view MT/AMT apparent resistivity and phase curves.

NPI Plot software to view white-noise and parallel noise test results.

MT Editor software to edit MT/AMT crosspower files.

Downloads for V8, RXU, TXU-30

TblEdit programming software for V8, RXU, and TXU-30.

Additonal Information

Data processing involves multiple stages. Click any of the following steps to download the most recent software:
  1. Setting up the MTU with WinHost.
  2. Collecting data. Contact Phoenix for instrument firmware.
  3. Copying, and processing data with SSMT2000.
    1. TStoFT
    2. Robust (parallel [DFTNOISE] or normal [DFTREAD])
  4. Plotting data, both site data (with MTPlot) and parallel noise test data (with NPIPlot)
  5. Editing processed data with MTEditor.

Customers operating monitoring stations may need to update href="/Support/phoenix_software/jobwrite/?" class="basiclink">JOBWRITE for automated processing.

To assure error-free installation and data processing, please ensure that you are using the latest version of each package and its associated components. If you have the latest versions and are still having problems, please check whether your PC operating system needs updating.

Phoenix is committed to developing the highest quality products. If you have any problems with any of our processing software, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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